Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday.

Well today I went to Sunday School then helped take care of the two and three year olds during the "Big" Church service. My two favorite quotes of the day are as follows we told Noelle (3 year old) that she is a mess and she replied "I'm not a mess, I'm a people." Then Coopper (2 year old) picked up a Mr. Potato head that had no parts on him and said "What happened to him." I love these kids. They say just what they are thinking. It is so adorable.

After church I went to Michael's and we just hung out, then went to the Super Bowl party at Derricks. We stayed until half-time then left. We both had headaches. There were a ton of people there. So now I am watching the last minute of the game. I really hope the Cardinals can keep ahead. I really don't want it to go into overtime. It could happen, but I don't want it to. The whole game has been good and the commercials have been good, mostly. 

I don't have any writing for today. Sorry, but to much excitement. Well here is something I found on The Stair Landing blog I read (See sidebar for link)

Use the first letter of your name to find a word for each of the following:

Your Name: Kayla
Four Letter word: kind
Boy Name: Kyle
Girl Name: Kaylee
Occupation: Ketchup Factory Worker
Color: Khaki 
Beverage: Kiwi Juice
A Place: Kentucky
Reason for being Late: Keys are lost
Food: Kiwi 
Something you Shout: KRAZY! (I don't know...don't make fun of me...please)

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