Thursday, February 26, 2009

In the Library

Well, I can't post an old poem just yet, which means that there will be 2 post for today. I was going to post after I got home from school, but my first class (math 100) got cancelled and so I had to come to the library and kill time, before my next class (english 101). So I am now going to post the edited version of Earthquake.

Earthquake (Edited)

Walls tremble!
Items fall off theri shelves.
Dogs yelp. Cats meow.
People awaken.
They have no idea what is happening.
Plates shatter.
Items quiver.
When it ends, it seems like a dream.
This never happens in the South.
Walls trembled!
Items fell off their shelves.
Dogs yelped. Cats meowed.
People were awakened.
They had no idea what had happened.
Plates shattered.
All this occurred in the early hours of the morning.
Some people were unaware.
Walls will tremble.
Items will fall off their shelves.
Dogs will yelp. Cats will meow.
When an earthquake comes to town.

Kayla Goodwin

I will post the old poem for today when I get home after my last class. Hope you enjoy this newly edited poem. I know I had fun revising it. I am really liking this whole project. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.

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