Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Icy Tuesday

Today was icy. I went out to defrost my car 5 minutes before leaving and had to open my driver's side door from my back seat, because my door was iced shut. That is what happens when it rains during the day, then drops to below freezing during the night. It was very interesting trying to get my door open, but I got it open non the less. I had a math test today and it went pretty well. There was one problem that made me  scratch my head, but I think I figured it out, at least I hope so. Then I had English and Speech and came home. I watched some 7th Heaven then took a nice nap on the love seat. We have the dogs in tonight because it is really cold and really really windy. Butterscotch is laying on my bed. Pinto is in the living room with Mom and Dad. I get to put them up tomorrow before I leave. Yey! 
This is Pinto. He usually isn't so submissive, but he wanted out. He is usually really hyper. He calms down after a while once inside though. 

This is Butterscotch. She is my live stuffed animal. She is so sweet. I love her so much. 

And now time for today's poem. It was inspired by the rain drops that were frozen on my windsheild this morning.

Dance of the Raindrops

Raindrops forever frozen in time and place.
On my windshield.
The wipers can not brush them off.
They are useless.

Rain droplets forever frozen.
On my windshield.
The sunlight brightly beams down.
On the unlucky raindrops.

The rain droplets slowly melt.
On my windshield.
They dance gracefully down the glass.
Holding hands.

Rain droplets merge together.
Down my windshield.
Gracefully melting.
Melting away.

Kayla Goodwin February 3, 2009

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