Sunday, February 22, 2009

This weekend

Well this weekend has been very interesting. 
Friday: Mom and I cleaned up around the house and then at about 3 I went to Michael's. We had chicken alfredo, corn and green beans. Then we went and saw Sweeny Todd (the play) at JSU. It was really good. I came back home and went to bed. 
Saturday: Mom, Dad, and I went to a yard sale down the road. It was actually at an old abandoned school. Well, actually the school is not abandoned. The guy that was running the yard sale is living in the school. His name is Piere. (Not sure how to spell it.) Then we went down to this new thrift store down the road. We came back home and made a grocery list. Mom went to the store wile me and Dad got my desktop out of my room and now I have a lot of room on my desk now. 
Today: Well today hasn't really been very interesting. Today I went to church then I came home and ate lunch then slept for a good while. Here in a little while I have to leave and go to handbell practice. 

Now time for the poem of the day. I am not sure what the date is for this, but it is still good. 

Snow falls from the sky. Snowballs fly up high.
Winter is here today. Winter is here to stay.
The children ride down the hills in sleds.
While visions of sugar plums dance in their heads.

Winter, Winter wonderful Winter!!!!!!!

Winter is here so celebrate. 
Winter is here isn't it great?
So go outside and have a snowball fight.
Or make a snowangle and take flight.
The snow has fallen. So stop squawling.

Winter, Winter wonderful winter!!!!!!!

Winter only comes once a year.
So celebrate with lots of cheer.
Go outside and build a snowman.
With the fresh snow that has fallen.

Winter, winter wonderful winter!!!!!!!

Kayla Goodwin

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