Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nothing Much

Today was pretty boring. I just hung around the house. I watched V for Vendetta, Fantastic Four and read some. I let the dogs out and enjoyed Butterscotch's company. At one point she was asleep and started barking. So I guess in a way she was talking in her sleep. LOL. It was cute. 

So here is my creative writing for today. 

Childish Thoughts

Who I was then is not who I am now.
Daffodils and daisies, rock and roll.
Opposites do attract they say;
So am I attracted to my once upon a time self?

Dragons and princesses, school and books.
Two lives that are completely the opposite
Yet somehow they remain the same.
Who I am will never be who I was.

Yet the ultimate question remains.
Does my inner child want to come out?
Am I the person that once was,
Or am I still the same?

Can we change as we age.
Yet somehow stay the way we "once" were?
Is our inner child so strong that it always thrives?
Daisies and roses, dragons and princes.

So maybe in another time the old will meet the new.
Then they will dance in solitude.
Forever holding hands and forever together.
They shall live the perfect life.

Yet somehow this seems to simple.
Almost like a fairy tale.
Wondering and pondering has again 
Brought my mind to childish thoughts.

The spoon ran away with the fork.
And I am left alone.
Staring, gazing at the fullest of moons.
Wondering if I am indeed obtuse.

Maybe who I am is who I was.
Yet now I have come full circle.
These thoughts shall linger on.
Until time is no more. 

Kayla Goodwin 10-28-06

Friday, January 30, 2009

Freestyle Friday

Today was a very lazy day for me. I got up, ate, and after a while went over to Michael's. We watched Mortal Combat: Annihilation and ate pizza. After a while I came home. So not much to report about today. But as promised he is some creative writing. 


The sun beat down on her face, and she loved it. 
As she walked through the woods all seemed perfect. 
The birds were singing once again, oh the sound!
Sometimes it was hard to understand how it could be real.

She found a little clearing in the woods and relaxed. 
She laid down on the soft ground, silence. 
Usually her world was chaotic and loud.
Now, however, it was peaceful and quiet.

The birds sang to her from their high perches,
Even though they could not speak to her.
Their music reached down into her soul.
This is what she wished life could be. 

Kayla Goodwin 5-8-07

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday past

I know that I didn't post yesterday so I will fill you in on today and Wed. 

Wed. started out with me going to Biology. We took notes for about an hour then did our first lab. Me and Courtney were the first done. Then I had orientation. That class is so boring, but at least it isn't that hard. Then I went to Mimi's and had chili and then I took her to Dollar General because her car is in the shop right now and she needed a few things. Then we played Rummy. We played for a long time and I finally looked at the time and saw that it was almost 5 so I had to go. She beat me 490-485. It was a good game. 
So I went home, got ready for church and then went and helped with the youth activities then had Encounter (College worship on Wed. nights). All in all it was a good day, but very busy. By the time I got home last night (almost 9) I just got ready for bed. I was wore out. Most Wednesdays are like that. 


Today I went to Math, we did review. Then English and learned some very interesting stuff that has nothing to do with English, but still cool.  Then went to Speech. We had to do tounge twisters. Not fun. Then I went to Michael's and we went to JSU cafeteria for lunch with Kayla Finely and her boyfriend JB. I came home and took a nap, afterwards. I have read, done math, extra credit work for Speech and watched the new CSI. So I think I shall read some more and call it a day. 
Tomorrow starts my weekend. I really am glad I have no classes on Friday. It is soooo nice. 

I don't have any creative writing today, but I will try to put some up tomorrow. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Too

Well today started with a burst of inspiration for the poem I am going to post after my update. So I got up and went to class. Math, then English, then the utterly boring Speech class. I came home, ate and then went with Mom to Michael's. Mom and Michael's mom, Debie, went to a thrift store and got some stuff. Meanwhile Michael and I watched tv. After a while Dad called and wanted to know where me and Mom were. Then he brought Michael a power cord. By that time Mom and Debie had come back. I decided to go home with Dad because I had a lot of work to do. I had a ton of math to do plus I had some english to do and then some Biology stuff I wanted to look over. I did all that while having Gilmore Girls on in the background. At 7:00 I rushed into the living room to watch the new episodes of Scrubs on ABC. They were good. Well that about wraps up my day so now for the poem.

Morning Routine

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Hit the snooze button
Roll over in bed.
Pull the covers over your head.

Another morning has come,
What a beautiful day.
The sun is shinning bright.
Outside the birds are chirping.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Hit the snooze yet again.
Now is time to rise and shine.
Yet, the bed is so comfortable. 

Sunshine streams in through the window,
It is really bright.
Why must it be time to get up and go?
The bed is so soft. 

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Turn the alarm clock off.
Pull the covers away from your body,
Reluctantly face the new day. 

Kayla Goodwin January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Humdrum Monday

Well today started with me lying in bed thinking how nice the covers were. I finally got up and went to class. When I got there,however, I learned that class was cancelled. Bummer. So I came home read about 20 pages before my eyes started to get heavy, and took a nap. Grandma and Grandpa came over and ate lunch with us. After they left I read the rest of my book and now I am reading Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz. It is good. I actually started it this past summer, but then Caitlin got me into the Artemis Fowl series and I put it down. So I picked it up again. I am watching True Beauty right now. I usually don't like reality tv shows, but this one is pretty cool. 
So with that out of the way here is my creative writing for the day. 

January 20, 2009
A Historic Day

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."
Those words spoken over 4 decades ago, have now finally come true.
Now we hear words in an inaugural speech that reflect back to that very day. 

"This is the meaning of our liberty and our creed - 
Why men
and women
and children of every race
and every faith
can join in celebration across this magnificent Mall"

How historic this day is.
That forty-five years later,
Our nation has joined together and looked past our differences.
Now we stand looking past what is different and find what is familiar in each of us. 

We leave behind the past, and move forward with our future. 
We are a nation of not one type of people,
But of all types of people,
Yet we have come together.

So let us remember this historic day,
Let it never fade from our minds. 
Let us pass on the significance of this day to the new generations.
So that Mr. King's dream may forever live on. And that Obama's historic role will never be forgotten. 
Kayla Goodwin 1-26-09

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Hazy Sunday

Well today started out like most Sunday's, I went to church. Well...Sunday School anyway. I got a migraine during Sunday School and came home, took a zomig and took a nap. Then after lunch I went to walmart with Mom. We were pretty fast, but still over budget. We tried real hard and we stayed on the list, but still went over. Dang. Once we got home and all the groceries were put away I just chilled and watched tv and read some. I am really close to the end of my book. I am having to have self discipline and not try to finish it tonight. I lack 50 pages and could probably finish it tonight, but then I would be really tired during Biology tomorrow and  I have a lab, so that would be a bad mixture. So I guess I will finish it tomorrow after I get home from class. 
So then after a while Aaron fixed Brats on the grill. They were good. I fixed french fries and they were ok. Then I watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. While I watched it I also read during the commercials. Did I mention I'm really close to finishing the book?

Well on another, more random note I think I am going to start putting up some of my creative writting. It might be old, or new. Just depends on my mood that day. I don't really have anything for tonight, but I will have something up tomorrow. So be on the look out. I will also maybe put up a picture to go with it. maybe not, just depends. Well I guess I will go now. 
Hopefully I can restrain myself from reading the rest of the book, just maybe. 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Easy Saturday

So not to much to report on today. I got up watched Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason with Mom then went to Michael's. Mom and Dad and Kathy worked on putting up the new shelves in the craft room while I was gone and it looks a lot better. 
At Michael's I had lunch and watched Back to School and we just hung out. Then I came home and had Cecil's and watched some tv and read some more in my book. I'm really close to finishing it. Maybe I will finish it this week. So really didn't do much today. That is one thing I love about the weekends, I can do nothing and it is totally fine. Oh one more thing that I forgot to mention. After I got home, I was going to help Dad put the dogs up but when Dad when to pick Pinto up he did the whole submissive thing and would not budge. So after a while of Pinto looking at us with those big brown eyes we decided to let them stay inside. I love how easily they win at stuff like that. We have been letting them come in when it has been really cold. Butterscotch is currently curled up and snoring on my bed. It is really cute how she snores. 
So are you ready for randomness?

Ready or not here it comes...
Pie. I remember that Caitlin said once that we should get our group together and have a pie party. A Pie party is when you basically make like a chicken pot pie and then make a dessert pie and just eat and have fun.  We have yet to do it, but maybe someday we will. I hope so. I guess that is all for the night. 

Friday, January 23, 2009


Well today was one of those days when I did much of nothing. I cleaned mine and Aaron's bathroom, and then typed up some of my short story that I'm working on, but other than that I didn't do much. I read a few chapters in A Bend In the Road by Nicholas Sparks, I am really enjoying the book. 

Dad came home about 4 and we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for BarBQ. It was good. Mom and Jackie talked about the things they did when they were kids. Jackie mainly picked on Mom. They talked about the different boys that they dated and the ones that chased after them, but they didn't like. It was really funny to listen to their stories. I enjoyed it. 

I just got back so I'm tired and about ready to go to bed. So here is my randomness for the day, 
I love me some pancakes. I want to go to IHOP some time soon. I keep seeing those ads on tv and wishing that IHOP wasn't 30 minutes away. If only. So if you show up at my door with Pancakes I would be really happy. 
Ok well I'm going to bed now. 
Have a good day/night.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Blog entry

I am going to try this. I will let several people know about this blog so that maybe they will keep me in check. My goal is to post an entry everyday. I guess you could say this is a late new year's resolution. Sounds good to me. So this is how it will go. I will daily give you some interesting facts about what happened during the day and also maybe talk about something completely random. If you know me, you will know that this is how I function anyway. (The random thing I mean.)

Ok so here I go. Wish me luck. 

Well today started off...cold. Well I guess really it started off with my alarm going off at 5:45 and me not actually getting up till about 7:00. I think this had something to do with the fact that I took some medicine last night to help settle my stomach. (It has been really upset lately. I think it is really upset that Bush is no longer the president. I tried to tell it that now we get CHANGE but it wouldn't listen. LOL.) Anyways once I got up I was appalled to find that all the pop-tarts had been eaten, most likely by big brother. So I opted to go on without breakfast (my stomach was still a little upset) and knew that if I got hungry I had snacks in my heavy book-bag. Then I went off to school.

When I got to my math class the door was closed/locked so I sat down outside the door. Just as I sat down here comes the teacher. He apologized for my having just sitting down. I was the first one there. I have to say I love the fact that I can be early to college. I love my parents, but they always are late. I guess that is why I have become really obsessed about being early. 

Math went real well, then english was fun. I thought I would hate my english teacher, but now I like him. Speech was as dull as expected. (The teacher doesn't teach at all. Don't expect to learn much.)

I came home and ate lunch and my boyfriend came over so I could help him with his math. Then we had to run to his house real fast. Then to 2 mutual friends houses after that. Then I came home and watched CSI with Dad. It was the first episode without Grissim. I miss him, but the new guy is cool. 

Ok now time for randomness. I have to say that I am really getting frustrated at the fact that trying to purl has been so hard. You would think since it is the opposite of a knit stich that it would be easy, but no. I guess I really need someone to walk me through it step by step and one on one. I have tried looking online,mainly youtube, but no matter what I'm still stuck staring at the failure on my needles and wondering what went wrong and where. I also want to get some big needles and some very soft yarn and make a blanket. I might make a blanket for Joe and Laura's baby girl/boy that they are expecting. Anyone know a neutral color? So I think someday soon I will go to Taming of the Ewe and get some yarn at least and perhaps get one of the people up there to clarify how I'm supposed to purl. I know it is possible, but it has been very mean to me. I think I need a hero when it comes to that stitch. So I guess that is it for today. Hope you enjoyed the show. :)