Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nothing Much

Today was pretty boring. I just hung around the house. I watched V for Vendetta, Fantastic Four and read some. I let the dogs out and enjoyed Butterscotch's company. At one point she was asleep and started barking. So I guess in a way she was talking in her sleep. LOL. It was cute. 

So here is my creative writing for today. 

Childish Thoughts

Who I was then is not who I am now.
Daffodils and daisies, rock and roll.
Opposites do attract they say;
So am I attracted to my once upon a time self?

Dragons and princesses, school and books.
Two lives that are completely the opposite
Yet somehow they remain the same.
Who I am will never be who I was.

Yet the ultimate question remains.
Does my inner child want to come out?
Am I the person that once was,
Or am I still the same?

Can we change as we age.
Yet somehow stay the way we "once" were?
Is our inner child so strong that it always thrives?
Daisies and roses, dragons and princes.

So maybe in another time the old will meet the new.
Then they will dance in solitude.
Forever holding hands and forever together.
They shall live the perfect life.

Yet somehow this seems to simple.
Almost like a fairy tale.
Wondering and pondering has again 
Brought my mind to childish thoughts.

The spoon ran away with the fork.
And I am left alone.
Staring, gazing at the fullest of moons.
Wondering if I am indeed obtuse.

Maybe who I am is who I was.
Yet now I have come full circle.
These thoughts shall linger on.
Until time is no more. 

Kayla Goodwin 10-28-06

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