Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Blog entry

I am going to try this. I will let several people know about this blog so that maybe they will keep me in check. My goal is to post an entry everyday. I guess you could say this is a late new year's resolution. Sounds good to me. So this is how it will go. I will daily give you some interesting facts about what happened during the day and also maybe talk about something completely random. If you know me, you will know that this is how I function anyway. (The random thing I mean.)

Ok so here I go. Wish me luck. 

Well today started off...cold. Well I guess really it started off with my alarm going off at 5:45 and me not actually getting up till about 7:00. I think this had something to do with the fact that I took some medicine last night to help settle my stomach. (It has been really upset lately. I think it is really upset that Bush is no longer the president. I tried to tell it that now we get CHANGE but it wouldn't listen. LOL.) Anyways once I got up I was appalled to find that all the pop-tarts had been eaten, most likely by big brother. So I opted to go on without breakfast (my stomach was still a little upset) and knew that if I got hungry I had snacks in my heavy book-bag. Then I went off to school.

When I got to my math class the door was closed/locked so I sat down outside the door. Just as I sat down here comes the teacher. He apologized for my having just sitting down. I was the first one there. I have to say I love the fact that I can be early to college. I love my parents, but they always are late. I guess that is why I have become really obsessed about being early. 

Math went real well, then english was fun. I thought I would hate my english teacher, but now I like him. Speech was as dull as expected. (The teacher doesn't teach at all. Don't expect to learn much.)

I came home and ate lunch and my boyfriend came over so I could help him with his math. Then we had to run to his house real fast. Then to 2 mutual friends houses after that. Then I came home and watched CSI with Dad. It was the first episode without Grissim. I miss him, but the new guy is cool. 

Ok now time for randomness. I have to say that I am really getting frustrated at the fact that trying to purl has been so hard. You would think since it is the opposite of a knit stich that it would be easy, but no. I guess I really need someone to walk me through it step by step and one on one. I have tried looking online,mainly youtube, but no matter what I'm still stuck staring at the failure on my needles and wondering what went wrong and where. I also want to get some big needles and some very soft yarn and make a blanket. I might make a blanket for Joe and Laura's baby girl/boy that they are expecting. Anyone know a neutral color? So I think someday soon I will go to Taming of the Ewe and get some yarn at least and perhaps get one of the people up there to clarify how I'm supposed to purl. I know it is possible, but it has been very mean to me. I think I need a hero when it comes to that stitch. So I guess that is it for today. Hope you enjoyed the show. :)

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  1. Have fun with your blog. You will be amazed how you'll learn about yourself, and the world.


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