Saturday, January 24, 2009

Easy Saturday

So not to much to report on today. I got up watched Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason with Mom then went to Michael's. Mom and Dad and Kathy worked on putting up the new shelves in the craft room while I was gone and it looks a lot better. 
At Michael's I had lunch and watched Back to School and we just hung out. Then I came home and had Cecil's and watched some tv and read some more in my book. I'm really close to finishing it. Maybe I will finish it this week. So really didn't do much today. That is one thing I love about the weekends, I can do nothing and it is totally fine. Oh one more thing that I forgot to mention. After I got home, I was going to help Dad put the dogs up but when Dad when to pick Pinto up he did the whole submissive thing and would not budge. So after a while of Pinto looking at us with those big brown eyes we decided to let them stay inside. I love how easily they win at stuff like that. We have been letting them come in when it has been really cold. Butterscotch is currently curled up and snoring on my bed. It is really cute how she snores. 
So are you ready for randomness?

Ready or not here it comes...
Pie. I remember that Caitlin said once that we should get our group together and have a pie party. A Pie party is when you basically make like a chicken pot pie and then make a dessert pie and just eat and have fun.  We have yet to do it, but maybe someday we will. I hope so. I guess that is all for the night. 

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