Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's been a month

So it has been a month since I last posted. I apologize for this. I have been so busy with school. There have been times that I could post, but was really just too lazy. I will try to do better. Now on with the post.

The Perfect Time of Year

In the sky the clouds are plenty.
On the ground the leaves move freely.
In the house all is warm and toasty.
It is the perfect time of the year.

The children run outside so happily.
They jump and shout with so much joy.
The ground is covered in leaves moving free.
This is the perfect time of the year.

The crunch of the leaves is heard as the children run freely.
The cold can't keep them away,
They are wrapped in coats to keep them warm and toasty.
This is the perfect time of the year.

The children have fun as they laugh and play with joy.
The time of year has come where there are no worries just to be free.
They never knew they could feel this way, they play so happily.
This is the perfect time of the year.

Kayla Goodwin
Revised: September 24, 2009

This next one will take a little while to edit. I like the basic point of it.

The Signs of Spring

The roses are blooming there aroma sweet.
The birds sing their melody is the soft tweet, tweet.
The snow has melted, the sun is high.
The animals have woken, knowing spring is nigh.

The meadows are green, as the sun shines bright.
The morning dew sparkles, sparkles in the new days light.
The rivers run free, for the ice is gone.
The animals drink freely, the winter days are done.

The sounds of the days are soft and nice.
For the springs warmth has broken through the cold, cold ice.
The animals sing with joy, as they stretch and reach.
And down in Georgia you can see the signs of a new peach.

The signs of spring have come again, now all creation seems to gleam.
The animals seem bright as they sit in the sun's light beam.
The deer eat the new grass as the larks sing.
The whole world is happy for the gifts of spring.

Spring shows off its beauty as the sun shines bright.
The animals are happy in the new day's light.
The baby Foxes play, and the tadpoles swim and fawns gallop around gaily.
The signs of spring have brought out all the creations joy daily.

Kayla Goodwin
Original: March 3, 2004

Well I will try not to wait so long next time to update. Until next time... Keep writing.