Friday, January 30, 2009

Freestyle Friday

Today was a very lazy day for me. I got up, ate, and after a while went over to Michael's. We watched Mortal Combat: Annihilation and ate pizza. After a while I came home. So not much to report about today. But as promised he is some creative writing. 


The sun beat down on her face, and she loved it. 
As she walked through the woods all seemed perfect. 
The birds were singing once again, oh the sound!
Sometimes it was hard to understand how it could be real.

She found a little clearing in the woods and relaxed. 
She laid down on the soft ground, silence. 
Usually her world was chaotic and loud.
Now, however, it was peaceful and quiet.

The birds sang to her from their high perches,
Even though they could not speak to her.
Their music reached down into her soul.
This is what she wished life could be. 

Kayla Goodwin 5-8-07

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