Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend update

Well, this weekend has ben a breeze. Friday night I went with Cait and Leighton to Casa Feista and then afterward we went to Walmart. This is what happens when you have nothing better to do because it is 7 on a Friday night in a small town. Yesterday I went to Michael's. We just hung out and watched movies. Then today I didn't go to church because I had a migrane. Here in a little while I am going to handbell practice. We are starting the stuff for Easter tonight. So that is about it. 

Alter? When the hills do.
Falter? When the sun
Question if his glory
Be the perfect one.
Surfeit? When the daffodil
Doth of the dew:
Even as herself, O friend!
I will of you!

Emily Dickinson 

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