Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A little bit o' fun today

Well today I am going to do a normal post, but there is a fun poem I came across that I want to share. I am not planning on editing it. I will post it last.


When will the sun come out from behind the dark clouds?
When will the flowers show their colors out of the cold ground?
When will the leaves grow on the tree's dead limbs?

When will my heart be set free from these horrible chains so that I can fly?
When will they see that this gloom is gone?
When will they see that spring has come?

When will winter spread its wings and fly?
When will they unlock these horrible bars so I can fly up high?
When will my life be full of joy again?

When will the hot sun melt the cold, cold snow?
When will the life come back that I used to know?
When will all these things fulfill my dreams?

Kayla Goodwin
Revised: July 28, 2009

This next one will need some work. I was trying way to hard to rhyme. I did that a lot at that point in my writing. Oh well, what can I do? Edit, edit, edit. That is what.

Flying Free

Flying free over all my foes.
Flying free for freedom I can know.
Flying free over all the lakes.
Flying free so thrills I can take.

Flying free is all I want to do.
Flying free I feel like brand new.
Flying free my sorrows all fade.
Flying free my fees don't have to be paid.

Flying free my troubles aren't what they seem.
Flying free I'm so happy I could gleam.
Flying free is all that I need.
Flying free I am the true me.

Kayla Goodwin
Original: March 4, 2004

Now for the fun poem I promised. I wrote this one day when I was in a writers block. Needless to say it got me out of the block.

Writers Block

I'm at a writer's block,
and I can't find the key to open the lock.
My head is full, but my heart is empty,
please God show me sympathy.

Kayla Goodwin
March 4, 2004

Well until next time... keep writing!

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