Saturday, July 25, 2009

Knitting away and continuing to post!

Well I am almost done with Mom's blanket. I think I can get away with finishing it with the 7th skein. I was going to do 8 skeins, but I think I can convince Mom that it is long enough. Once I finish the actual knitting, then I am going up to the Ewe to learn how to weave in the ends and fix dropped stitches. Then I can also add tassels on the four corners. After that it will be ready for use. I can't wait to have it done. I have learned a lot about patience with this project.

Well anyway here is the post for today. Hope you enjoy it.


I am at a loss of words to say.
Now that I have lost my way.
What am I to do? What am I to say?
I now pray you will help lead me along my way.

I lie down my burdens, my sorrows, and pains.
Then maybe they won't drive me insane.
I you to help me along.
I need you to lead, teach and show me how to carry on.

Yet after you help I could never repay,
What you did and will do everyday.
You take away my fear and replace it with joy.
For I am at a loss of everything but your love.

Kayla Goodwin
Revised: July 25, 2009

This next poem is a good example of how much I hate winter time.


When will the sun come out from behind the dark clouds?
When will the flowers show their colors out of the cold ground?
When will the leaves grow on the tree's dead limbs?
When will my heart be set free from these horrible chains so I can fly?
When will they see that this gloom is gone?
When will they see that spring has come?
When will winter spread its wings and fly?
When will they unlock these horrible bars so I can fly up high?
When will my life be full of joy again?
When will the hot sun melt the cold, cold snow?
When will the life come back that I used to know?
When will all these things fulfill my dreams?

Kayla Goodwin
Original: February 23, 2004

Well until next time... keep writing.

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