Monday, July 20, 2009

Creative juices flow free

So I have decided to look at life in this way: When life gives you lemons, squeeze them until your creative juices flow. I have decided to take what one of my friends told me to heart. He told me to just keep moving forward. The best way for me to do this is to just write, edit, and read. All these things help me move forward. I also should knit some. I am so close to the end of Mom's blanket. But anyway here is today's post.

Reach for the Sky

Reach for the sky,
for you will find that is where your true passions lie.
Soar over all your problems no matter how hard they seem,
for then you will find your true dream.

Reach for the stars,
for then you find who you really are.
Never give up, never let go,
for when it is all over then more wisdom you shallknow.

Reach for the sky,
for your heart and passions lie up high.
Only if you reach, reach for the stars.
No matter if it seems too far.

Kayla Goodwin
Revised: July 20, 2009


The mask I wear when I'm with you isn't true.
Yet the masks I wear with other allies are lies.
The masks that I wear don't show what's really there.
To see the true me you have to look deeper, then the truth you'll see.

If you look underneath then you will see the true me.
Underneath this isolated face is what my heart will chase.
Underneath you'll find the ways I think life should be, the real true me.
Who I am, the things I desire, the things I admire.

Underneath the mask, you'll find the real true me.

Kayla Goodwin
February 2, 2004

Well that does it for today. Until next time, keep writing.

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