Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harry Potter and moving forward

Well today has been all about reading Harry Potter. Nothing else. I have had to put the book down because my ears started to hurt from my earbuds, my iPod was almost dead, and my eyes were getting tired. So I decided to post. (That is what my eyes really need right now. ) So here goes.

Perfect Love

Don't strive for perfection.
It's not what it is cut out to be.
Instead love them for who they are;
For the traits that can't be seen.

Don't try to change what they are,
The things that make them the person that you fell in love with.
True love looks beyond flaws,
For love is not perfect.

Kayla Goodwin
Revised: July 23, 2009

I have to say that I cracked up a little on my spelling of insane on this next one. I have fixed it because spelling errors are something that I would have fixed if it had already been typed up. Any way I spelled it "insaine". I love to go back and see such mistakes. It always makes me laugh. So here it is. "Lost"

I am at a loss of words to say.
Now that I have lost my way.
What am I to do? What am I to say?
I now pray you will lead my way.

I lay down my burdens, my sorrow, and pain.
Then maybe they won't drive me insane.
I need your help. I need your flow.
I need you to lead, teach and show me how.

Yet after you help I could never repay,
What you did and will do everyday.
You take away my fear and replace it with joy.
For I am at a loss of everything but your love.

Kayla Goodwin
Original: February 18, 2004

So that is it for today. Until next time... keep writing. And never let your spelling get you down. No matter how atrocious it is.

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