Friday, June 12, 2009

Up Early Once Again

Well again I am up early. I have already begun another project. One of my friends told me about this site called paperbackswap and I decided this morning to check it out. You create an account, and then post books and people can request the books and all you have to do is print out the wrapper and then pay for postage. I have already put up like 12 or so books. You earn credits for when someone gets a book from you. You get 2 credits to begin with once you post 10 books. Then after that you get more by people receiving your books. This is pretty awesome. It is pretty much a free thing. I mean you pay for postage, but at the same time so does the person who sends you a book so it is pretty much even. I have already ordered 2 books. I can't wait to send and receive books. So anyway on with the poetry. I just thought other people might want to know about that little bit of info. 

When the Snow Melts

When the snow melts and the flowers begin to bloom,
Then all the cheers and cheeps block out the gloom.
When the animals awaken and greet the new season,
Then all will be glad for a very good reason.

When the snow melts and the sun shines again,
Then all of creation will be wearing a grin.
When the butterfly spreads its wings and flies away.
Then all of my gloomy thoughts flee, for these are better days.

When the snow melts and springs has come,
I begin to be more adventuresome. 
When the snow melts, so does my heart
Just like it was in the very start.

Kayla Goodwin
June 10, 2009

So here is the new poem. 

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart for it will never fail you.
It will never give up on your like other people you meet in life.
If you follow your heart, then your dreams will come true.
Even in the midst of all your life's strife.

Follow your passions and  you will gain a lot.
You will gain more than the world could ever offer.
Follow your passion and you will gain more than you've ever got.
You will get something that your heart could only offer.

So why listen to your head,
When you could listen to your heart instead?
So follow your heart.
For it is right from the start.

Kayla Goodwin
January 22, 2004

Well I guess that concludes today's post. Until next time... keep writing!

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