Monday, June 1, 2009

Follow your heart

So I am back again. Sorry it has been so long. Well here is the revised poem.

Trail of Tears and Fears

They call it the trail of tears,

But I call it the trail of fears.

The pain, the sorrow;

Oh the horror!

How could we do such horrid?

The ground was damp from all the tears.

The air was filled with all their fears.

The people tripped over the dead,

As they walked with such dread.

Oh, the trail of tears.

Oh, the trail of fears.

The pain and sorrow

That caused such horror.

They walked along past the mighty Mississippi,

As the wind blew, quite nippy.

Through all the tears, fears, and all the crying babes.

They walked day to night and night to day.

Oh, the trail of tears.

Oh, the trail of fears.

Through rain, sleet, snow, and all sorts of weather.

The pain and sorrow

That caused such a horror.

Oh, the trail of tears and fears!

Kayla Goodwin

June 1, 2009

So now for the new poem. 

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart for it will never fail you.

It will never give up on your like other people you meet in life.

If you follow your heart, then your dreams will come true.

Even in the midst of all your life's strife.

Follow your passions and  you will gain a lot.

You will gain more than the world could ever offer.

Follow your passion and you will gain more than you've ever got.

You will get something that your heart could only offer.

So why listen to your head,

When you could listen to your heart instead?

So follow your heart.

For it is right from the start.

Kayla Goodwin

January 22, 2004

So until next time...keep writing. 

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