Saturday, June 13, 2009

Long fun day

Well today was a good day. Mom and I went to see up. I have to say it is a very good family flick. It was funny and was very intriguing to watch. I give it a 5 out of 5. After the movie Mom and I went to Olive Garden and had the new Lasagna Rollatini with Chicken. I have to say it is very yummy. I love Olive Garden. After eating we went to Khols and I got a new skirt and blouse. I also got 3 new pairs of stud earrings. I have been needing more earrings because I seem to always lose one of a pair. 

So now on to the poetry. Here is the revised poem.   

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart for it will never fail you.
It will never give up on your like some people you will meet in life.
If you follow your heart, then your dreams will come true,
Even in the midst of all your life's strife.

Follow your passions and you will gain much.
You will gain more than the world could ever offer you.
Follow your passion and you will gain more than you've ever received.
You will get something that only your heart can offer.

So why listen to your head,
When you could listen to your heart instead?
So follow your heart.
For it is right from the very start.

Kayla Goodwin
June 13, 2009

The next poem is yet another historical poem. It seems that I got into a very historical moment for a while. So here it goes.

War of Persecution

To the left, to the right.
Which is the better sight?
To the left, to the right.
Will I see the end of the night?

To the left, to the right.
Either way may be a terrible sight.
To the left, to the right.
Will I see the tunnel of light.

Nazis, Nazis every where.
Oh what a terrible sight. 
I never thought it was hard to be a Jew,
Until Hitler came anew.

Now all I hear is this sad tune:
To the left, to the right.
My fate is coming soon.
I hear the Nazi say “ You to the right.” 
Oh, will I see the light?

I find myself standing in a camp full of fear and sorrow.
I guess this is the best of the whole horror.
I find myself wondering what was to the left.
I wonder what I have left. 

I am given little food,
How can they be so crude? 
Such little water to drink.
Each day I seem to shrink.

I am roused at the break of day,
To work till there is nothing I can say.
Oh, the torture, the misery!
How can all this be?

I keep wondering about those to the left,
Oh, what was to the left?
Was right the better deal?
How could all this be so real?

The days take forever to pass,
And I seem to run out of energy, out of gas.
When will this torture end?
When will I see my friends again?

Alas! The war is over,
Just like a four leave clover.
Out of the unfortunate luck,
I'm pulled out of the muck. 

Kayla Goodwin
No Original Date

I am already contemplating adding another stanza to the end. It seems to end to suddenly. I know I need to work on some of the ryhmes. Some seem a little to forced. All in all I like this poem. It is really good already. I have to give myself a pat on the back. It was really well thought out. I have to say this is one of my favorites. 

Well I guess that is all today. Until next time... keep writing!

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