Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let sleeping dogs lie....and snore

Well it has officially been a week since I last updated. It hasn't been that I haven't had the time, on the contrary I have had plenty of time. It is mainly because I have had my nose in the Harry Potter series. I am re-reading it and I am having problems putting it down. I mean I even was walking around the house yesterday with Prisoner of Azkaban in my hand doing things like letting Butterscotch out and doing things that could be done with one hand. It was that bad.

It is early for me. I usually don't get up till at least 9 usually later. I was awoken this morning by pain. That is all I will say. Butterscotch however is sleeping quite well right now next to me. She is snoring a little at that. So anyway I will now post the poems for today. 

Shine Like a Star

Shine like a star no matter who you are!

Be brave;
Stand tall.
Face your problems big or small.
Believe in your dreams in order to achieve.

Shine like a star no matter where you are!

Fly up to the sky.
Be yourself and soar high.
Play your music;
Never be quiet.
Be all you can be.

Shine like a star no matter who or where you are!

Kayla Goodwin
May 23, 2009

Notice I actually revised it before today, but just was to lazy to post it. At least I revised it already. Now for the next poem on the chopping block.

When the Snow Melts

When the snow melts and the flowers bloom
Then all the cheers and cheeps block out the gloom. 
When the animals awake and greet the new season
Then all know that gone is the winter season.

When the snow melts and the sun shines again
Then all of creation is wearing a grin.
When the butterfly spreads its wings and soars
Then all of my thoughts are gone for they begin to soar.

When the snow melts and springs has come
Then I will fly over all of the tings that have gone and come
When the snow melts then so does my heart
Just like it did in the very start.

Kayla Goodwin
(No date)

I will try my best to update tomorrow. Hopefully I can put down Goblet of Fire long enough to do so. Maybe...
Until next time... keep writing. 


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