Saturday, December 5, 2009

Off The cuff

This post is going to be diffrent than any other ones I do. This is going to just be a poem that I write now. No editing. I might go back and edit it later, but for right now it is just going to be what comes out at this moment. so here goes (Well first I need to comb my wet hair, then it will be poem writing time)


I've been heartbroken,
Had my heart torn in two.
I have given you all of me.
And now I am walking away.

I will not fall again.
I will not jump in that pit again.
I saw the edge,
I contemplated it.

Then I felt the tug.
The tug of the one who loves me more than you.
Not that you ever really loved me.
Not the way I need you to.

I saw the edge, but his pull was stronger.
I stand far away.
I see it in the distance.
I could jump if I want.

But-I won't.
I won't go back down that path again.
You won't-see-me-again.
I may talk, but that is it.

I can't tell you where I have been-
You won't-Understand.
I have something you don't.
-Love- from an ever present-God.

So go along your way.
Don't look back.
Don't go back.
Keep moving forward.

I see that pit.
I know its depths.
I won't jump back in.
I will stay away from it.

Kayla Goodwin
December 5, 2009

So there it is. Hope you like. If you don't understand, then good. If you do then great. I don't care. It is just a statement to myself and someone else or is it? That is for you, the reader, to try to figure out. :)

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