Sunday, May 17, 2009

Still at it

First off I have to say that I must pat myself on the back for keeping on with this. Second I will most likely only have 1 more post this week. I am getting my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday so it will be a while before I can post. Partly because of the surgery and partly because of the good drugs I will be on. But I will try to post tomorrow.  I don't know how long it will be before I feel like posting again. I hope it isn't too long. 

So anyway here is the newly revised poem. I found that I didn't want to change the words much just wanted to change the stanza form. so here it is...

When Spring Comes

When spring comes the flowers bloom,
the birds sing and gone is gloom. 

When spring comes the snow fades, 
out come the tress and the cool shade.

When spring comes winter is gone,
 here in the night and gone with the dawn.

When spring comes the sun shines,
 over the lakes and in the mines.

When springs comes it seems as if you could fly, 
with the birds in the sky.

When spring comes your worries fade, 
as you sit in the cool shade.

When spring comes the music plays, 
it starts at the beginning of the first day.

When spring comes sit in the cool shade,
 and listen to natures music play.

Kayla Goodwin
May 17, 2009

So here is the next poem. I have to say that it is hard to tell where a poem is in its final draft in this notebook because I would go back and revise a poem and it could be like 5 or more pages after the first draft. So sometimes it takes me a while to find the "next" poem.

Shine Like a Star

Shine like a star no matter who you are!

Be brave; stand tall.
Face your problems big and small.
Belive in your dreams so you can achieve.

Shine like a star no matter where you are!

Fly up to the sky.
Be yourself and soar high.
Play your music; never be queit.
Be all you can be.

Shine like a star no matter who and where you are!

Kayla Goodwin 
January 2, 2004

So as I have already stated, hopefully I will post tomorrow. I will try my hardest. But now I need to go to church. 

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