Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Notebook

So I have finished the last notebook. So on to another. I don't know if this the very next one I started, I highly doubt it, but at least I know I started this one when I was in 8th grade. So at least it is somewhat in chronological order. 

So here is the revised version of the last poem.

The Journey

I have traveled this road before.
Its path is well trodden.
I know how to get back home.
This is a familiar experience,
Yet does that make it right?

I have climbed this mountain before,
I have reached the peak many times.
I know where to put my feet and hands.
This is a familiar experience,
Yet does that make it right?

I have never seen this road before.
Its path is rough and rocky.
I am far away from home, I'm lost!
It is a new challenge,
Yet does that make it right?.

I have never climbed this mountain.
The peak seems so high.
I can't find footholds and handholds.
This is a new challenge,
Yet does that make it right?

What makes an experience worth while?
Is it one you have already had?
Or a new one?
What is correct?
What is a journey?

Kayla Goodwin
May 14, 2009

So here is the first entry of the notebook. This notebook has 170 poems. A long time ago I gathered all my poetry notebooks and counted all the poems I had. I then wrote how many were in each one and so this one has 170. So we may be on this notebook for a while. Of course I may not revise all of them. There are some I can't do because it is hard enough to read them. Some of the poems in here were written when I was going through a tough time in my life and I don't think they should be revised anyway. They are to emotional to touch. 

So anyway here is the first poem. 

When Spring Comes

When spring comes the flowers bloom,the birds sing and gone is gloom. 
When spring comes the snow fades, out come the tress and the cool shade.
When spring comes winter is gone, here in the night and gone with the dawn.
When spring comes the sun shines, over the lakes and in the mines.

When springs it seems as if you could fly, with the birds in the sky.
When spring comes your worries fade, as you sit in the cool shade.
When spring comes the music plays, it starts at the bigging of the first day.
When spring comes sit in the cool shade, and listen to natures music play.

Kayla Goodwin
January 1, 2003

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