Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waiting is worth the while...

Again I am sorry it has been so long. The semester is nearing the end and so things have become a bit hectic. So here are the poems. I am hoping to post everyday this week until Monday. Maybe I can still keep this up even after then, but I'm not holding my breathe. 


Teachers are special people.
They take students under their wings,
And teach them how to fly.

I have had several teachers over the years,
And all have touched my life in various ways.
Some have taught me the standard things,
While others have taught me more important things.

These are the teachers I remember the most.
They have taught me life skills.
They have done more than most teachers.

I will always keep these people close to me.
I hope to be a teacher like that.
I want to teach my students more than their ABCs.
I want to be a role model for them.

April 1, 2009
Kayla Goodwin

The Bird's Story

The bird sings its little song.
The breeze blows its little burst of wind
The mighty river runs with a strong current.
But still the bird sings its song.

The little bird sings his song.
He stops to take a breathe.
Then he sings it with gladness.
I can't speak his tongue but I know what he says.
He tells of a story that no one has told. 

I don't know the story but the bird stills sings.
I guess as long as the bird sings the story will be told. 

Until Next time....

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