Monday, April 20, 2009

So that failed horribly.

So that was a failure. I can't believe that I messed up so fast. Well anyway I will try to do better. I promise. All I can do is try... right? 

Well I haven't revised the last poem yet so I just thought I would post one of my favorite poems. This poem has been published. I love it. 

The Perfect Evening

The waves crash on the shore and in the horizon you can see the most beautiful sight of  all.

The seagulls fly and the dolphins jump to see the colors come together. Everything blends so well.

The sunset shines bright over all the beach.  No factor is left out; no factor is small.

The colors so bright and nature is so happy this evening  no words really can tell.

The ocean calls out as its rhythm breaks on the shore, "come,come,come to the sunset."

The whole beach is so calm. All the seagulls and fish  are saying  relax and the dolphin  rejoices.

The best is yet to come this is only the beginning for as the sunset shines brighter you begin to rest.

The sunset shines over all the beach  and down inside you hear a voice.

The voice calls you to run across the beach into the mighty waves and you just start to sing.

The song you have kept inside for all of your life you sing over all the waves, now you feel free and fly.

The song reaches all that you love far, near,everywhere  now you feel the summer air brushes against your face

The summer breeze reminds you of why you are here on the earth and you reach out you wings and fly.

You fly up in the sky and listen as the voice of the sea says  "come, come, come, to the sunset."

You go and see that the sunset is all the things that you have always wanted, the beauty and the grace.

 The sunset is you deep down inside and  you  don't worry about life just fly and your heart rests.

You fly over all the oceans to the ones you love and you see the sunset in their  faces.

You let out the song that you have been holding  in for your whole life waiting for the perfect evening.

Then you fly back and fly over  the sand; let the song fly over all the shore.

The seagulls fly above and you realize the beauty of all things and reach you hand out for this is the perfect evening.

You sing and sing until your heart can let out no more song and you rest on the shore.

For what else would you do on the perfect evening in the perfect place.

well I will try to post later. Hopefully tomorrow. 

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