Saturday, March 21, 2009

Southern Spring Day

Today has been the definition of a Southern Spring day. I have sat out on the front porch, watched the dogs run all over the place, and just relaxed. This is the very place that I revised the poem for the day. So here it is. 

Natures Song (Revised)

The overture begins,
As the sun emerges from its safe haven.
It knows it can no longer hide,
For its safe haven is beginning to fade away.
The clouds can no longer contain it.

Like musicians raising their instruments,
So the flowers stretch out their blooms.
The song begins to crescendo,
Oh, the sound, the blessed sound.

Nature rejoices that the gloom is gone.
No more cold, bitter rain. 
No snow covering the once green grass.
It is now a time for song.

I sit here listening to the beautiful song.
I know that all too soon the song will end.
Just as all good songs must.
Yet, I know that nature's song will begin again.
Even after I am gone. 

Kayla Goodwin
March 21, 2009

Now time for the poem that I will revise next.

A Teacher

A teacher can teach things like ABC's and 123's.
A teacher can help us understand the world around us.
A teacher can help us learn using fun in the classroom.
A teacher can teach us how to read and write.

Some teachers teach things that bookds don't tell of.
Some teachers teach in a little different way.
Some teachers are really good at teaching things you need in life.
Some teachers don't even know until you tell them.

I know a teacher who taught me something I shall never forget.
I know now to trust in myself.
I know this now because of a teacher whose name is...
Mrs. Jackson.

Kayla Goodwin

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