Monday, March 9, 2009

Earthquake (Remix)

I know it has been over a week since I last posted one of my own poems, and I apologize.  This past week has been really hectic. I have also been trying to come up with a better version of Earthquake. This is what I have come up with. I think it is a lot better. I really only kept a few verses of the original versions and have created a new piece based off of that, but with a new twist. 

Earthquake (Remix)

The walls tremble all around me. 
I watch as items begin to fall off their shelves.
All around me the people are startled.
They have no idea what is happening.

Then I suddenly realize...
It isn't the walls that are shaking...
It is me!

As I sit in my seat,
My arms and legs tremble.
No matter what I do,
I can't stop the shaking.

All around me
People ask me if they can help.
They can't

Just like any other earthquake,
This one has to run its course.
So I just wait for the walls to stop shaking.

Kayla Goodwin
March 9, 2009

Now here is another one of my old poems. I noticed that this one and the next have a date. I wonder why I didn't continue to date them, but oh well. 

Nature Calls

The trees are calling me.
The flowers scream for me.
The birds sing for me to come outside.
The wild animals want me to come out and play.
When nature calls I am caged up.
I am caged in my own life of burdens.
I can't get out of the world around me.
I wish that I could be free, but I'm not.
The rivers want me to run along side them.
The oceans want me to swim in them. 
I wish I could escape from my own little world
And enter Nature's own little world.
T.V.'s, Radios, these things I adore.
When nature calls how am I supposed to answer?
With a song or with my freedom?

Kayla Goodwin

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