Thursday, October 8, 2009

Waiting for school to start

So I am sitting in class waiting for class to start, so I thought I would update.


Very exiting,
In the end.
Comes only with hard work.
The thing everyone wants,
Only the best can have it.
You have done your best and just a little more.

But victory can only come from,

Hard work.
Not sitting around,
Hoping it will come to you.
You must go out and gain it.

Kayla Goodwin
Revised: October 8, 2009

I don't have the journal with me but I am thinking about posting a new poem in place of an old one that I will later revise. This in memory of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank

Such a young life,
A young, creative life.
Taken so early.

Such a cruel world.
A very cruel world indeed,
That took her away.

If only they had known,
If only they could have seen.
Before they took her away.

In hiding for two years.
For two years she poured out her soul on paper
Then in an instant, taken away.

She fought so hard to live,
But in the end, she lost the battle.
Lost. Taken away from the world forever.

Such a young life,
A very young life.
So much potential, Gone!

Until next time.

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