Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saying Goodbye to a dear friend

Yesterday my family had to say goodbye to a dear dear friend. Our dog Pinto died yesterday in a tragic turn of events. I will not put the details up, but it was something that could have been avoided, but for various reasons it happened. It was no one's fault. It was just a tragedy. We are all still getting used to not seeing him running around outside. I am not sure if Butterscotch has figured out that he is no longer with us, but she does seem to look for him when she goes out.

Pinto sniffing around for crumbs.

Pinto laying down. A rare moment.

Now I am going to put down some things I will never forget about Pinto.

1. When we got Pinto 8 years ago, he was so cute and hyper. One of his ears stood up and the other was still halfway up. It was adorable.
2. He used to attack my best friends toes when she wore toe socks. He loved to attack her toes for some reason.
3. Pinto loved to run around in the yard.
4. One of Pinto's favorite things to do was chase the guineas that were from the neighbors house up our trees when they got in our yard. We think he didn't really want to catch them, but just to make the fly up in the trees. It was more of a game than a chase.
5. Pinto always knew when I had just put chapstick on. I swear he would come running and try to lick it off.
6. Pinto LOVED rides. Even when he was a puppy he would want to go for rides. The only thing was when he was young he would get car sick but thankfully he grew out of it.
7. Pinto would be a jerk to Butterscotch at times, but I know they loved each other like brother and sister. He was a great sibling to her.
8. Pinto could jump. I mean JUMP! We had to build a wall to keep him in the laundry room while we were gone when he was a pup and he learned to jump over it. Dad made it higher and he still jumped over it. Eventually we had the pieces of plywood that we put on top of each other and there was like an inch from the ceiling. That kept him in but when we got home you could hear him jumping on the wall. With him sitting on the ground he could just jump up to about my arm. It was amazing.
9. Pinto would eat anything. Well almost anything. He couldn't quite figure out how to eat a muscadine. It was fun to watch though. He loved anything potato. He even ate potato peelings.
10. The last couple of months Pinto kept running out into the woods whenever someone got home. There was something back there that he was after. We don't know what but he was always going after it.

Pinto will be missed, but never forgotten. He was a great dog. Our yard will never be the same. Maybe one day we will find another fun loving dog, but no dog will ever replace him.

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